More WordPress Woes

Earlier this week we received an email from a potential client who'd taken out a WordPress deal. They were working with a company that provided WordPress hosting for a monthly fee, a basic installation, a bit of tutoring and then, they'd been left to their own devices.

The result was weeks of frustration and a chaotic one page website. It wasn't their fault. It probably wasn't the WordPress company's fault. The two just weren't a good fit. The client works exclusively in Word - it's what his profession uses all day every day - and this, coupled with a meagre understanding of picture file sizes and WordPress' 'distinctive' back end had taken its toll. And the more time the client spent trying to fix the site - and get the value for money he'd been hoping for - the worse it got.

We're going to try and convince him to move away from this unsuitable - for him at least - platform and build something straightforward using Rapidweaver. We'll include a self-hosted blog and leave the build open for adding more CMS-style features going forward. These will be customised to fit in with his way of working.

We'll let you know how it goes.