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Duplicate website for personal family tree

All About My Mother
One of the benefits of using a program like Rapidweaver to create websites is that it's easy to create a 'family' of websites that share the same look and feel by re-working the same design. Here we created a near-copy of the All About My Father website, using the same structure, design, menu, fonts and simply changed the colour accents and the added the new content. This allowed us to create a new site fro scratch in just a couple of days which cut costs, while still producing a professional-looking website that works great across all devices. Once again we took advantage of the Foundry framework which is based on Twitter Bootstrap to build the site as well as the fancy Grid Iron plugin which reads Excel files and allowed to create a large, searchable, sortable table of family members.

Pretty Litter Magazine

Here’s a splash page we created for a new Brighton-based magazine called Pretty Litter - creativity on the streets of Brighton. We’ll be putting together a full site in the coming weeks but the editor wanted a quick web presence which used the magazine’s distinctive graphics and cheeky, yet inclusive feel and incorporated links to the magazine’s email addresses, media pack and so on.