New website for a personal family tree

Bromley Coppard
The Story of the Bromley and Coppard families was one of the first websites we ever built with Rapidweaver and it's always been a favourite. However, way back then the theme we used - L'Amour - wasn't responsive because mobile devices still weren't really a big thing. (Told you it was a long time ago). So when the client wanted some substantial updates to add new content and fix one or two things, we decided to re-build the site from scratch using the Foundry framework. We matched the look and feel of the existing site to an extent but changed the fonts and got rid of some of the fussier visual 'furniture' of the old site. We replaced the light boxes which had been used to display the various 'chapters' of the family's story with a fancy flip-book plugin called PageLit that allows visitors to open each book and turn the pages with their mouse (or finger). The big change is that the site is now fully responsive and works great on devices of all shapes and sizes.

New website for Musician | Composer

John Sherry copy
Something different for this update. John Sherry is a composer, guitarist and loop specialist based in California. John had created a website for himself using Rapidweaver and our favourite framework - Foundry - but wasn't happy with it, and asked if we could help him out. Having looked at the existing site we felt that it would be simpler to start again so we could create a consistent look and feel to each page and give the site its own 'character'. Conscious of a tight budget, we worked closely with John to minimise expense and keep the site simple, yet functional. With only a couple of exceptions we used only those plugins that are included in the base Foundry framework so he didn't need to purchase any additional products and courtesy of a series of Zoom meetings, were able to make design and content tweaks quickly and easily. When the site was finished, we parcelled everything up and sent it across the pond to John in California where he had a good look round and then uploaded it in place of his old website. From now on, John will be able to update every aspect of the site himself - adding content, new pages, new features...whatever he likes.

New website for hair and make-up artist

Fran Carter 2020
We've just finished a complete re-working of a site for an existing client - Fran Carter - a special event hair and make-up artist working in Sussex and the south-east of England. Fran wanted the emphasis of the site switched from her previous speciality - wedding hair and make-up - because she was getting so many customers who wanted cutting and colouring work done. We then took the opportunity to re-build the site, replacing some of the older plugins with more modern versions that behave better on smaller devices, speeding up the performance and reducing the overall size of the site. We did this using the Foundry framework which is based on Twitter Bootstrap, together with a selection of responsive plugins to make sure the site behaves itself whether it's being viewed on a 27" monitor or an iPhone 5s. We also used a speciality form plugin that 'branches' depending on whether the enquiry relates to a wedding or a special event.

New website for inventor

This is the new website for the Brighton Really Little Useful Inventions Company - BRULIC for short - which we built using the excellent Foundry framework which is based on Twitter Bootstrap. The challenge here was to create a site with a limited amount of content, designed to grow over time, that still looked good from the get-go. There was also an additional consideration - the client neither had, nor wanted, any photography. In this instance we used a very simple colour scheme based on the BRULIC logo, together with an animated divider under each heading. We also plumped for very large headings to make it clear what each page was about and to offer some visual, typographical interest. The content is controlled by GoCMS, a nice, easy to use on-page editor which doesn't require an admin section.

New website for Virtual Assistant

Stellar Solutions
And here's our first website started and completed during lockdown - Stellar Solutions Virtual Assistant. It's for Tamsin Ellis, who's a virtual assistant - that's someone who provides administrative, booking, technical, and personal support to individuals and businesses that need it but either don't have the in-house resources to cope, or have specific short term needs they need servicing. The site was built using the Foundry framework (based on Twitter Bootstrap) and features a purpose-built content management system created by Joe Workman called EasyCMS. There's also a fun animated star field at the top of each page, which visually re-enforces the Stellar Solutions Virtual Assistant brand. The client had already commissioned a logo, decided on a colour palette and came with all of the copy written and ready to go. This helped reduce the time it took to create the site, which meant we were able to stay within the budget (aside from a few little extras along the way).

New website for new project

Rapidweaver Help
This is a website for a new business venture - helping people in Brighton and Hove (and elsewhere too) to build beautiful websites using Rapidweaver. The idea behind Rapidweaver Help came when a client approached us last year to help renovate a Rapidweaver website that begun with the best of intentions, but got tangled up along the way; this is often the case when a business begins a D-I-Y website with enthusiasm but discovers they have neither the time, nor expertise to do it justice. The idea behind Rapidweaver Help is to give clients a helping hand when they get stuck, run out of time, hit unforeseen snags, or just need a bit of coaching to get things back on track. It was built using the Source micro-framework from Shaking the Habitual and makes extensive use of the Stacks 4 plugin from YourHead Software.

New website for mergers and acquisitions company

What started off a simple 'coming soon' landing page, quickly developed into something a little more substantial - still some way from the completed site, but including the extra information required to set the scene for this exciting new mergers and acquisitions business. We used the Foundation framework to create the nuts and bolts of the site and worked hard to ensure that the imagery and style matched that of sister company - Darwin Cooper. The result is a website for Darwin Parker, the trusted experts in confidential mergers and acquisitions that works well across all screen sizes, devices and browsers, is no more complicated that it has to be, and includes all the information that it needs.

New website for local football teams

As long-suffering football fans (don't ask) we were pleased to build this simple site for the fine people at Brighton and Hove District Schools Football Association. It's almost entirely controlled by an on-screen content management system which means that all the content - except the banners - has been created by BHDSFA itself. We used GoCMS for the content, mainly because it's very simple to operate and uses the 'on-screen' approach, so instead of having to log into some funny-looking back end, you can edit test and add photos directly onto the page. This makes it very easy for clients who need a basic CMS. The design of the site was suggested by BHDSFA and built using the Source micro-framework, an ultra-lightweight set of tools that gives you a head start when putting a website together.