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Hove Web Design is Rob Beattie - web designer and freelance copywriter. Rob builds sites using RapidWeaver, a theme-based design program created in his home town of Brighton, on England's - occasionally - sunny south coast. If you want a straightforward, standards-compliant web site that looks good, reads well and doesn't cost the earth, get in touch for a chat by calling 07769 902820.

Rob's also been writing about technology for nearly 30 years and if you've ever looked at a computer magazine or technology article in a UK newspaper then you've probably read his stuff, perhaps in the Times, the Observer, the Express or the London Evening Standard. He's also reviewed music and movies for Q and EMPIRE and written all manner of stuff for Tesco's technology and entertainment divisions. Of course, this means he can help with the words as well as the web design. Visit Rob Beattie's website.

Rob Beattie