Content management added to site

Most recently we were asked by a client to re-work their website to make it possible for them have a gallery of images that they could update themselves. after a bit of tinkering we were able to integrate two separate plugins - EasyCMS and Gallery 3 - to provide a simple way of uploading new images via drag and drop and then captioning them so the client could tell visitors a bit about each painting. You can see the results on the Judy Wigin Gallery page. At the same time we created a brand new Work in progress page to display images from Judy's Instagram account. Both new features are working well.

Website revamped with WordPress

Alter Eagles2022
After good service for many years, the Eagles tribute band - The Alter Eagles - decided it was time to revamp their website to reflect their new stage backdrop, new typeface and new colours. At the same time, they wanted to keep something of the flavour of the old site, so we used a similar set of colours, a similar speckled sandy background and much the same layout and design. They key issue however, was allowing the band to have access to the back end of the website going forward so they'd be able to add new content, edit existing text and images, update the gig list, even add new pages as required. That meant switching to WordPress and re-building the site using Oxygen Builder. The result is modern, works great on mobile and gives them all the content management features they were looking for. Check it out for yourself at The Alter Eagles website.

New WordPress website

We're delighted to have finished - no, hang on, that doesn't sound right...This new site has been a joy to work on and took some content from the client's existing website, added more and then wrapped the whole thing in a more open, modern design. Sophie Reddington is a paintings conservator with a CV as long as your arm; you may even have seen her on the BBC, talking and demonstrating how to restore and rejuvenate great works of art. The site is built using WordPress in conjunction with the Oxygen Builder, which adds many more layout possibilities than even Gutenberg. And of course, being a WordPress site, it means that Sophie will be able to keep sections of the website updated herself. We were particularly pleased to have the opportunity to use the before/after plugin which is perfect for showing a painting pre- and post- restoration, and Oxygen itself is a pleasure to work with; we look forward to using it more in the future.