Pretty Litter Magazine

Here’s a splash page we created for a new Brighton-based magazine called Pretty Litter - creativity on the streets of Brighton. We’ll be putting together a full site in the coming weeks but the editor wanted a quick web presence which used the magazine’s distinctive graphics and cheeky, yet inclusive feel and incorporated links to the magazine’s email addresses, media pack and so on.

River Running

This is the web site of angling writer Rob Beattie. Rob's the author of 101 Golden Rules of Fishing and a regular contributor to Waterlog, the world's finest angling magazine. He wanted a site with all the benefits of a blog, including the ability to update it from anywhere - even his iPhone - support for RSS feeds so that visitors could subscribe and entries organised by date; but he also wanted it to look like a 'proper' web site, with its own web address, banner slideshow and so on. We were happy to oblige. (Note: eagle-eyed visitors will realise that Rob Beattie (the angling author) and Hove Web Design (the site you're looking at) are one and the same person. Who cares? We liked the site so much we wanted to feature it anyway.

Ummagumma Creative Design

We’ve just finished another new site for a designer in Newhaven. Andrew Easton is a well-established designer trading under the name of Ummagumma Creative Design. He works extensively with a wide range of quality book publishers and also does a considerable amount of corporate work, designing all kinds of print materials, stationery, logos and letterheads. Andrew felt it was important to have a site that let his work speak for itself so we put together a simple design with portfolio pages that showcased a selection of his designs. By minimising the graphical elements elsewhere on the site we were able to make sure that the designs themselves were the focus of attention.