New website for solicitor

Wisdomlaw is a solicitor based in Hove which specialises in dental negligence claims. Since it's probably not a good idea to show images of dental disasters it was important to get across the three main planks of the company's offering as quickly as possible - hence the banner photo montage showing a library, an open mouth and Brighton Pavilion; this establishes the company as authoritative, local and tells visitors very clearly that the service is associated with dentistry. The centrepiece of the site is a relatively complex form which allows visitors to provide the background to their potential claim and which is designed to respond with an automatic email outlining the next steps.

Brighton Happy - connecting people through play

Brighton Happy
We're delighted to have been part of an extraordinary new venture called Brighton Happy - Connecting people through play. It's a remarkable new business based here in Brighton which is designed to help teams of people within organisations large and small, work together more harmoniously. Is it team building? Yes Jim, but not as we know it. Instead, Brighton Happy uses a carefully tailored selection of group games to help people understand and relate to each other more effectively in ways that are fun and challenging. We built the website using a heavily modified version of the Solstice theme from Themeflood and it works well across all platforms and screen sizes.

Pop up websites

Mint blog entry
Although there's no real right or wrong way to build a website (well there is actually, but that's a blog for another time) Rapidweaver, the program created right here in Brighton by Realmac Software and our development app of choice, is rather good at getting a website out of the door - fast. Take Mint Corporate Clothing. The company came to us needing a corporate clothing website that integrated two existing stores and created a simple but compelling visual brand; and the clock was ticking. Thanks to the excellent Solstice theme and one or two nifty stacks we were able to put the site together in days and have it up and running shortly afterwards. So if you need good value corporate logo clothing, you know where to go.

Coming Soon: WordPress sites

We've been building sites using Rapidweaver, a program created in our home city of Brighton & Hove for years now and we love using it. Rapidweaver is at the centre of a thriving development community and every week new themes, plugins and stacks are released that make the sites we build with it faster and funkier.

But there's no getting away from the fact that lots of customers and potential customers ask whether we can make them a site using WordPress - and pretty soon the answer will be 'yes'.

What's WordPress? It's a CMS or content management system and despite coming from a company that only employs a couple of hundred people, it's the power behind 75m websites worldwide. That's a lot of websites. A lot of websites.

We're not turning our back on Rapidweaver - far from it - but we'll be coming up with a range of WordPress offerings to suit every budget and every kind of website. More news when we've got it.