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  • "After the shock of very expensive quotes from other local web companies I came across Rob's Hove Web Design and phew! A human with a great checklist that makes you think about the look and the message you want you want from your website. He came up with a clear design for my website very quickly. He even suggested a career timeline that makes my old Word CV look very dull. And unlike my old website the new version, created by Rob, is so clear on smartphones that clients are very impressed. Use Rob. He is the web guru." Hamish MacGillivray, Acme Museum Services
  • “I was extremely happy with the service and end product supplied by Rob at Hove Web Design. He assisted me in the layout and design and made the process very straightforward from start to finish." Robert Bowden, Bowden Property Consulting
  • “I found Hove Web Design on Google and I’m glad I did, as other companies I contacted either were too expensive or didn’t seem very interested. The whole process from concept to final design, took a few weeks and the level of contact from Rob was excellent so I knew what stage the site had reached at all times during its development." Alan Prodger, South Downs Safety
  • "Rob at Hove Web Design did a great job for us when he created a new site for our decorating business. He made it all very easy as neither of us are experts with computers. He asked as what we wanted and then came up with several options which we tweaked together until we were happy. We have since added some extras to our site which Rob sorted very promptly. We highly recommend Hove Web Design." Nik & Ben The Paint Pot Men
  • "I'm delighted with Hove Web Design. Rob has created a website with which I am very happy - it's clear and concise, and gives the information clients need. I didn't want whistles and bells, but I did need something approachable and supportive, and Rob gave me the time to discuss my requirements and develop ideas. He really listened to what was important to me. I wholeheartedly recommend Hove Web Design; you'll receive a professional, skilled approach with a very human touch, and an excellent end product." Anji Baker Pet Bereavement Counselling
  • "The initial conversation/consultation was long enough for Rob to ask plenty of questions about my aims, ideas and practical needs of my website. He then presented me with three ideas and was happy to amalgamate two of them. He gave lots of advice and produced exactly the look I had imagined. Clients have complimented both the look and usability of the site and I would recommend Hove Web Design to anyone." Fran Carter Fran Carter wedding Hair & Make-up
  • "Hove Web Design revamped my tawdry old website and made it into something striking and dynamic where I can publicise my gigs and sell my music. Without a good website and all the attendant stuff that goes with it - downloadable videos, soundbytes and biog you do not exist in the modern music world. The people at Hove Web Design do everything in an efficient, helpful and very cost effective manner. I cannot recommend them highly enough and just wish I had come across them sooner." Fraser Nimmo Fraser Nimmo - singer, songwriter, actor
  • "Hove Web Design provides a very personal and bespoke service. They took my rather vague ideas for a website and created attractive and professional looking pages within a week at a very competitive rate. I have received very positive feedback about the website from my clients and would thoroughly recommend Hove Web Design to anyone looking to create their first website." Donna Sullivan C&V Consulting
  • "I appreciated Hove Web Design's work in updating my website this year - they proposed a simple and clean design which I really like, and were willing to be flexible to fit in with my schedule." Kate Horne KH Learning Company
  • "Rob Beattie at Hove Web Design created our website a while ago and has since developed it, building in stuff on a regular basis. The links and gadgets all work and the look of its layout is strangely cool (Mondrian meets New Yorker?)…it's kept bang up to date, emails get answered and acted upon efficiently. Top notch outfit. Can I have that fiver now Rob?" P.J. Wright, The Dylan Project
  • "Hove Web Design provided an excellent and prompt service at a resonable price. Rob was very friendly and efficient and explained things in clear and strightforward manner. I would strongly recommend their service" Keith Marwick, The Complete Set
  • "Rob has built an excellent, cost effective website for my business. He was extremely efficient and responsive during the process and has made a website that perfectly fits what I had in mind. I would throughly recommend Hove Web Design." Emily Bolam, Emily Bolam - Illustrator
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An affordable web site
OK, so you want an affordable web site but you don't want all the hassle that goes with it. Well, you've come to the right place. Here at Hove Web Design we'll do the heavy lifting for you and produce a web site that will make you proud and show off your business to best effect. Our web sites look good, are easy for people to read and easy for them to navigate.
So what's affordable?
Well, once everything's been factored in - the design, the content, the under-the-hood tech, the fairy dust sprinkled on top, it's likely to be £1500 or less. That gets you a hassle-free web site with all the behind-the-scenes stuff that makes it easier for people to find you using Google - especially if you're after local business. And if you want something with a bit more oomph - say a shop, or the ability to update the content yourself - you'll find it's still in the same ball park. Just head on over to How much? to find out more.
Show me what you've got
If you'd like to see some of the web sites we've built recently - nothing fancy, just simple, clean, visitor-friendly, hard-working and effective - hop on over to the Portfolio page. Here you'll find thumbnails of some of the cost effective websites Hove Web Design has built for businesses in Brighton, Hove and beyond - together with links to the actual websites so you can check them out.
Everyone loves WordPress, right? Well, that may be true, but we don't love building or maintaining sites that use WordPress, so please don't ask. It's nothing personal, the damn thing powers a gazillion websites, but it's not our cup of tea. (We'll happily help with Wix, Weebly or Squarespace sites though, if you happen to have one that needs sprucing up).

Free Website checklist

Want a website but don't know where to start? Click here to go to our free handy 20 question website checklist. It asks all of the basic questions you need to answer when you're getting ready to specify a new website or revamp an existing one. use fill it in, send it to us and we'll be in touch.

So how does it work?

You tell us what you do and why you want a web site. We tell you if we can do it. Then we have a think. After that we usually have a cup of tea. Then we'll come up with some different design ideas for the site for you to choose from. Once you've picked a design, we'll ask you for any photos and text you'd like us to include and we'll get cracking. The whole thing should take about two weeks from start to finish - sometimes less. (There's also a longer answer).