The golden rule when adding content

When you’re adding content to one of our websites, it’s important to remember that - in the main - we’ve done the difficult part for you.

What does that actually mean?

Well, when we choose a theme for the website, it includes the key ingredient - styling. That means the text, font, colours, background, little bits of screen ‘furniture’ like icons, rules, drop shadows and so on have all been professionally designed to sit nicely together on the page. And it also means that it’s best if you don’t interfere with that by ‘fancying’ things up yourself when you add a news announcement or a new blog entry, for example. You’ll usually find that the theme styling takes care of emphasis and stuff like that so you don’t have to. It’s for the best really and is one of the reasons you came to us in the first place.

You take care of the content - it’s your website - and let us take care of the design.

(Of course, if you really want bright red text that’s twice the size of everything else on the site, knock yourself out. Driver’s rules and all that…)