New website for Virtual Assistant

Stellar Solutions
And here's our first website started and completed during lockdown - Stellar Solutions Virtual Assistant. It's for Tamsin Ellis, who's a virtual assistant - that's someone who provides administrative, booking, technical, and personal support to individuals and businesses that need it but either don't have the in-house resources to cope, or have specific short term needs they need servicing. The site was built using the Foundry framework (based on Twitter Bootstrap) and features a purpose-built content management system created by Joe Workman called EasyCMS. There's also a fun animated star field at the top of each page, which visually re-enforces the Stellar Solutions Virtual Assistant brand. The client had already commissioned a logo, decided on a colour palette and came with all of the copy written and ready to go. This helped reduce the time it took to create the site, which meant we were able to stay within the budget (aside from a few little extras along the way).