Adding a blog to your site

Blog blog entry
Here at Hove Web Design, we're big fans of regular blogging and we've come up with a really simple way for you to add a blog to your website so you can add new content whenever you like - without having to pay for our time. Here's how it works.

We use an external free blogging service - Tumblr is our current favourite for blogs that suit individuals and small businesses, though Google's Blogger also works well - and then use some behind-the-scenes jiggery pokery to integrate that into your website so it looks and feels as though the blog is completely integrated into the rest of the site.

So what's the process?

Let's use Tumblr as an example.

  • We start by setting up a free Tumblr blog that allows you to add new content in date order (newest entry at the top) from any web browser using any device (yes, even your smartphone); this means you can blog from anywhere.
  • Next, we set up a blog page on your site, styled to fit in perfectly with all the other pages.
  • Then, we link that to your Tumblr blog.
  • This is the clever bit. From now on, whenever you sign into Tumblr, create a new blog entry and post it, that entry will be sucked into the blog page on your website automatically, using the same design, fonts and colour scheme as the rest of the site. You can add new content when it suits you, go back and edit old blog entries, delete short, you can do whatever you like and you won't get charged for it because you're adding the new content, not us. It's a great system and as we said before, means you can blog from pretty much any device at any time you like.

Why is blogging important? It's a great way to engage with people who visit your site, good content makes them stay for longer, it makes them keep coming back, it allows you to sign up subscribers, and it really helps your ranking on search engines, because they love new, relevant content.