It's your job too

From time to time we'll get an email or phone message from a potential client that sets alarm bells ringing. It's usually along the lines of ‘I need a website. Just a few pages. How much?' We'll reply by trying to find out what the site's going to be used for, get an idea of the content, any technical features and so on; and to explaining that we'll be able to give an estimate after we've got some more information. Sometimes the prospective client comes back with more info and the job progresses; and sometimes the line goes dead.

We're usually grateful in either case. A client who's interested and engaged, who has an idea of why they need a website and what they're trying to achieve is serious about making it happen. Someone who 'needs a website, just a few pages, how much?' doesn't sound as though they're very serious at all.

Of course, you may understand that you need a website but are uncertain about where to start. That's understandable and it's why we created our Free Website Checklist. Download it and you'll find 20 simple questions that will help us understand what you're after and decide whether we can help or not.