Coming Soon: WordPress sites

We've been building sites using Rapidweaver, a program created in our home city of Brighton & Hove for years now and we love using it. Rapidweaver is at the centre of a thriving development community and every week new themes, plugins and stacks are released that make the sites we build with it faster and funkier.

But there's no getting away from the fact that lots of customers and potential customers ask whether we can make them a site using WordPress - and pretty soon the answer will be 'yes'.

What's WordPress? It's a CMS or content management system and despite coming from a company that only employs a couple of hundred people, it's the power behind 75m websites worldwide. That's a lot of websites. A lot of websites.

We're not turning our back on Rapidweaver - far from it - but we'll be coming up with a range of WordPress offerings to suit every budget and every kind of website. More news when we've got it.